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Small Business Bookkeeping Services in Garner

C.E. Thorn, CPA, PLLC has helped small businesses in Garner for over 30 years. Outsourcing your bookkeeping to a CPA that has experience working with small businesses.

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How Our Bookkeeping Services Work

We work with small businesses in Garner that want to outsource their bookkeeping to a CPA. We can give you a tailored quote for our accounting and tax services and get you onboarded.

We assist startups and established businesses with their monthly accounting and tax needs and have worked with many different companies from different industries.

Garner Bookkeeping FAQs

A bookkeeper in Garner, NC is responsible for recording and tracking a small business’ financial transactions. These business transactions include sales reports, and logs of purchases, payments, and receipts. Small business owners may choose to do their own bookkeeping or outsource bookkeeping to a CPA. To read about financial forecasting and budgeting for small businesses, view our guide on financial forecasting and budgeting.

Bookkeeping services span a diverse range of accounting services, including reconciling bank statements, preparing financial statements, maintaining ledgers and logging accounting journal entries, and more. Bookkeepers in Garner ensure that an organization’s financial information is accurate and updated.

If you use QuickBooks, you may not have considered outsourcing bookkeeping services to a bookkeeper. While there are numerous advantages of bookkeeping software, there are disadvantages you should be aware of. Mainly, the software is reliant on the information you input, so if you enter the wrong number, you will receive an inaccurate financial report. For reliable bookkeeping, we recommend working with a professional such as C.E. Thorn, CPA, PLLC who provides bookkeeping services for small business in Garner, NC. Please give us a call today at  919-420-0092 to discuss bookkeeping options for your business.

Bookkeeping involves the meticulous recording of financial transactions, while payroll management ensures employees are paid properly. Bookkeepers may also handle employee payroll data and even prepare pay stubs or checks. However, it is important to keep in mind that bookkeeping and payroll are different services and may be charged separately.

Financial statements are a vital component of your business finances. Depending on the situation, a bookkeeper may offer financial statement preparation, but it may be counted as an additional charge.

If you would like C. E. Thorn, CPA to be your bookkeeper and prepare financial statements, we are happy to do so. Please call our CPA firm at  919-420-0092 if you’d like to inquire about our bookkeeping and/or financial statement services.

Bookkeeping is focused on accurately recording financial transactions, while accounting involves analyzing, organizing, and reporting those transactions. In short, bookkeeping is about recording, while accounting focuses on understanding. Understanding these distinctions can help ensure accurate financial statements and better decision-making.

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NC small business accounting

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