Accounting for Startups in Apex

There is a common perception that many new businesses fail. Although there is some truth to that statement, that doesn’t mean your business has to falter. Working with skilled professionals from the start can help your business be better prepared than your competition.

Working with an experienced Apex accountant is one of the best ways to ensure your company starts off on the right track. Often, new business owners are so focused on the task of opening their business, that they overlook the importance of proper bookkeeping or they are simply unfamiliar with the tax codes and are overwhelmed.

A small business CPA like C.E. Thorn, CPA, PLLC can solve this problem for you. We are ready and able to help you get your new company off the ground and running at full speed. For more than 30 years, our professional accountant has provided Apex business owners with the support they need for success.

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Reasons You Should Hire an Accountant for Your Apex Startup Company

A small business CPA is your support for saving time and helping to clear a lot of confusion that comes from starting a business. A lot of challenges stem from trying to manage finances and taxes. But, a local accountant can help you face these challenges and provide support in many other ways.

  • You need a Trusted Advisor – An accountant can become a trusted adviser to you and those in your small business. Rely on a CPA for monthly bookkeeping and financial statement preparation, as well as end of year taxes.
  • Find a Balance between Business and Personal Needs – Many small businesses, particularly sole proprietors, and startups, find their business and personal finances can become closely linked. A good accountant can help you make sound judgments that will be beneficial to both your business and self.
  • Determine the Best Classification for Your Business – When starting a business, an accountant can help you decide what type of business would be most beneficial for you. In some cases, a sole proprietorship will benefit the owner best whereas in other cases, an s-corp will work best for both the owner and the company.
  • Reduce Your Costs – Don’t try to manage the needs of the new business and the accounting in order to cut costs. Outsourcing your accounting from the start can help save you money in the long run. Save money by investing in an Apex small business accountant before starting the business venture.

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