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For more than 30 years, Carson Thorn has helped small businesses in Knightdale, NC with their accounting and tax needs.

From bookkeeping to monthly financial statements and tax preparation, C. E. Thorn, CPA, PLLC will work with you to keep track of your accounting records.

C. E. Thorn, CPA, PLLC Will Work with Your Knightdale Small Business

Small Business Accounting FAQs

Most small businesses in Knightdale benefit from the following accounting services:

To request more information about our accounting services, you may give us call at  919-420-0092 or fill out our contact form.

If you have a dedicated in-house accountant who is experienced and confident with accounting and bookkeeping, you may choose to keep your accounting matters in-house. However, if you don’t have the time or resources to do so, it pays to work with an local CPA. The benefits of working with a Knightdale CPA outweighs the cost of incurring penalties when your business is not tax compliant or experiences an audit by the IRS.

As small business owners ourselves, we understand that minimizing costs is a priority for business owners. However, we truly believe that our accounting services outweight the cost and stress of managing your own books. Our CPA firm works to identify errors on your prepared tax return and identifies tax deductions to save you money. When these errors are caught promptly, your business can avoid an audit by the IRS as well as costly penalties. Thus, our Knightdale CPA firm provides peace of mind and allows you to focus on business management.

QuickBooks is an accounting software many businesses use to do their own accounting, but it does not detect errors, determine accuracy, or identify tax deductions. Working with a trusted Knightdale CPA mitigates errors and consolidates small business functions. To that end, we recommend outsourcing your business accounting matters to a local CPA who can save you both time and stress. 

Bookkeeping entails recording daily business transactions. These bookkeeping tasks include data entry, bill payments, invoicing, payroll, and more. 

Accounting, on the other hand, consists of the classification, reporting, and summarization of financial data of a business for a specific purpose, such as tax preparation. Accounting classifies the bookkeeping entries in the appropriate category so the transaction is correctly accounted for. 

Every small business accountant offers slightly different services, but they typicall include bookkeeping, end-of-year tax preparation, financial statement preparation, and payroll management. Contact our CPA firm in Knightdale at  919-420-0092 to discuss your small business accounting needs so we can determine if we’re the right fit for your business.

NC small business accounting

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