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Effective Tax and Financial Strategies for Your Raleigh Business

Effective Tax and Financial Strategies Raleigh

Business owners are always looking for an edge to keep their companies profitable and growing. In many ways this can be done by providing great service and superior products. But, what excellent accounting practices are a huge part of the equation.

Our Raleigh small business accountants have had years of experience finding ways to help our clients achieve their business and financial goals. Here are 3 of the top tips that our CPAs recommend to help small business owners stay prosperous.

Know Your Monthly Business Expenses

Keeping track of your business expenditures is a key element to making sure your business remains profitable. Make sure you have a good record keeping system in place to account for all expenditures. Collect receipts, keep accurate records of cash payments and document heavily in case of an IRS audit.

Monthly expenses for your Raleigh small business could include:

  • Utility bills
  • Inventory costs
    • Management
    • Purchasing
    • Shrink
  • Payroll
  • Motor fleet management
    • Maintenance
    • Fuel
    • Insurance

Do You Need to Update Your Business Classification?

When you started your business, you had the choice of entity classification and likely chose the most relevant option at that time. However, as your business has grown, your entity classification may need and upgrade. This is important because your business should have the right entity selection to make proper tax payments and take advantage of the correct tax deductions.

Reasons to Change Your Business Entity

There are a variety of reasons why changing entity status is a good idea, but there are a few reasons why it is a must:

  • Adding partners
  • Going public
  • Mergers and splits

Take Advantage of Every Opportunity for Deductions and Business Write-offs

This is a tricky subject. Taking advantage of the deductions and options written within the tax code is a smart strategy. This way, you minimize your required payout and can use the those new funds for investment or other needs.

Do not look for loop holes or unscrupulous ways to game the system to find breaks. This could get you in serious trouble with the IRS.

Remember that you can write off:

  • Home offices
  • Mileage and travel expenses
  • Business equipment
    • Office supplies
    • Vehicles/machinery
  • Meals and entertainment for clients

Contact an Experienced Raleigh Small Business Accountant for Support

Handling all of the necessary aspects of finance and taxes can be daunting for most business owners. The tax codes are complicated and one small mistake can create a situation that the IRS may want to investigate. It is in the best interest of small business owners to hire an independent local CPA to handle their financial affairs. 

For superior assistance with your tax preparation and finances, don't hesitate to contact our Raleigh small business accountants by calling 919-420-0092 or by completing the contact form.

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