Generating Balance Sheets for Hillsborough Businesses

Balance sheets by CPAs in HillsboroughKeeping accurate, up-to-date records is essential for the financial health of your Hillsborough small business. A balance sheet is one of the most widely used financial statements by both accountants and business owners to get a clear look at the business’s finances during a period of time. It’s also called a statement of financial position. 

Creating a Balance Sheet

Every balance sheet consists of three main components: liabilities, equity, and assets. 


Assets are what a company owns, including resources that have been purchased, inventory, and resources that have been paid in advance and have not run out, such as rent that’s paid in advance or a pre-paid insurance plan. Assets are often divided up into liquid, including cash or items that can easily be sold for cash, and non-liquid assets that can’t be converted into cash like property or pre-paid insurance. 

Assets include: 

  • Cash or money in bank accounts
  • Investments
  • Accounts receivable
  • Inventory
  • Supplies and equipment
  • Property, real estate and vehicles


Every business comes with operating costs and financial obligations. Most liabilities are categorized as current, meaning they have to be paid within one year, and long term, meaning they can be paid off outside of one year. 

Liabilities include: 

  • Accounts payable – purchasing inventory, paying for services, utilities
  • Payroll
  • Income tax
  • Loans and interest owed


Equity is your end result after subtracting your liabilities from your assets. Your equity shows you a clear picture of your business’s value. A higher equity generally means a healthier business. 

Why Is a Balance Sheet Necessary?

Not only is it important for you to have a clear, up-to-date look at the value of your company so you can make smart decisions related to inventory, paying off debt, growth, and hiring, but other people may need to see your balance sheet, too. 

If you want to expand your business and require a loan, banks or creditors will require a look at your balance sheet to ensure you are a good investment. Additionally, banks, investors, government agencies, and financial officers in your business may want to review your balance sheet if they have a stake in your business.

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