Financial Statements for Durham Businesses

Our Durham accounting professionals want to help you learn how to prepare and manage your financial statements. With our help, you can position yourself to increase your financial well-being.


It is extremely important to maintain accurate financial reports in order for:

  • financial statement durhamBusinesses and individuals to make proper operating decisions
  • Accurately tracking the success of your business or personal finances
  • Small business loan approvals

Monthly Financial Report Preparation

  • Current ratio – measures financial health at that moment. This ratio determines the ability of a person or business’s ability to pay off debts.
  • Debt to Equity ratio – compares the amount of debt a business or individual is accruing compared to their net assets.
  • Receivables Outstanding – providing services or goods prior to receipt of payment. Once payment is received, the receivable is no longer outstanding.
  • Profit margin – calculates the total income minus debts, divided by total revenue. This calculates the growth of your business or personal finances. A larger margin than previous statements means you are more profitable.
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Our Courteous, Professional Accountant Want to Help You

At C.E. Thorn, CPA, PLLC., we offer financial accounting assistance to individuals and small businesses alike. We understand the complex language of the tax laws and want to help simplify your financial statements so you can make better financial decisions.

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